Year of the Planet is a global movement of people pledging to make one small change in their lives each month, over the course of a year, to live more sustainably, reduce their carbon footprints, and the plastic waste that ends up in our oceans, waterways and landfill.

You can start any time of the year and we’ll guide you through your twelve monthly challenges, step by step, with email tips, stories from our own experiences and those of the community you’re joining, and the impact your changes are having. 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we've made the difficult decision to temporarily pause Year of the Planet, but it will be back when the time is right. If you'd like to join when we unpause, register below and we will keep you posted. Tap here to find out more.


Your Challenge Roadmap


Once you have completed your Year of the Planet Challenges, you will have transformed your life to be living more sustainably and you will be a true Friend of the Planet! You will be reducing your carbon footprint and you will reduce your plastic consumption by at least 1000 units per year. Nice.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to gather and unite 1 million people around the world to pledge to make one small change in their lives each month to live more sustainably.

Together we could save over a billion single-use plastic bags, bottles, cups, straws and containers, destined for landfill and our beautiful oceans, and significantly reduce our own individual carbon footprints to help fight climate change.

And though we need our governments and corporations to take decisive action, we too must all do our bit. Together, the small changes we make can have a big impact.

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